Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last bouquet of summer

This is my last piece of the 2008/09 Bead Journal. August was the last month for this journal . Enjoyed this so much and I feel proud to have participated and finished the project.


Anonymous said...

I also posted this on the BJP site:

Oh my, this piece is gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing the year! I know how you feel at your point (I'm also mid-60s) in life getting your own studio. I now share mine with a spare bedroom, but I think of it as my studio. Everyone needs their own space!

Robin said...

Your last boquet of summer is lush indeed, with many different kinds of flowers and bright colors... It makes me feel good, especially in our current soggy, sunless state.

Your husband is a genius for celebrating your artistry and your birthday in such a wonderful and appropriate way! To have all your things in one place and organized (at least at the start) is a fantastic gift to you as an artist... and an artist you certainly are!

Happy belated birthday!

Thanks for participating in (and completing!) the BJP. Your journal pages always give me a lift of spirits. Your whimsy, colors, delight of textures and materials, bold design always touch my heart!