Monday, June 29, 2009

crazy quilt landscape

In 1996 I took a class with Judith Baker Montano in Olds, Alberta. This was a crazy quilt landscape class. Now "I" do not like sewing and this was a real challenge for me. If you look near the tree ( that has thousands of french knots) you will see giraffes. This was a tie that my husband had and this is what I brought with me to the class . I wanted to make an African picture. Everyone in the class made small pieces but as usual I go for big. I remember Judith asking me if I really wanted to make it that big and I thought .....of course, isn't everyone else doing big??? The first day a was way behind as most of the girls were already starting to stitch and I'm still putting things together. Worked till midnight that first day. Did not finish the piece in the class and it stayed that way for a few years. Then one day I decided I had to finish it and now it's also one of my favorite pieces. I've won awards for this piece and am so glad a took the class from Judith. This was the start of free embroidery and I thank her for that.

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